Six Arrested And Charged With Disorderly Conduct And Assault For Throwing Water Balloons At Pedal Pub

6 people were arrested for disorderly conduct in Minneapolis this past weekend for throwing water balloons at a moving pedal pub. The 6 also squirted water from their water guns on the moving pedal pub. The people hit with the water were off duty police officers. The off duty officers held down the men until the police showed up. This story has raised a lot of eyebrows in Minnesota again for excessive force. Pictures online show that the officers were rough with the six arrestees and one had a large bruise/mark on his neck from being held down. There is also a video circulating the internet which shows the off-duty officer yelling and saying “Do you understand me? I will break your arm. Stay down…on the ground…Do not Move.” One of the arrestees also said that he couldn’t breathe when he was pinned down. Another man said that the officer tried to kick the water gun off of his neck when it was still on his neck. The arrestees said that they thought it was a harmless prank. The arrested had also posted on Facebook, “I hate pedal Pubs” and to meet at Loring Park at 1 PM for a bicycle raid. The driver of the pedal pub said she was blinded by the water.

Disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor which means that the arrestees could get up to 90 days in jail and/or a $1000 fine. You can be charged with disorderly conduct for causing someone else to be alarmed or resentful and by knowing or have reasonable grounds to know that the action would alarm another. The statute includes terminology such as “brawling or fighting”, “ disturbing an assembly or meeting in an unlawful way”, and “engaging in offensive, obscene, abusive, boisterous or noisy conduct, and engaging in obscene language.” Depending on your criminal history, it is possible to keep this from going on your record. Contact a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer to discuss your options and to come up with a strategy on how to attack your case. It may be possible to get a continuance for dismissal or a stay of adjudication on a charge like this. The six people arrested will need to hire a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer to fight the charges against them. Assault and disorderly conduct charges are serious offenses in Minnesota. Additionally, as Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys has discussed in previous blogs, this is exactly the reason why individuals should not post anything on Facebook or social media. The posts are likely to be used in a case against you and in your criminal case. Do not post on social media!

Max Keller is a criminal attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has handled many disorderly conduct and assault cases throughout Minnesota. The Keller Law Office has received “not guilty” verdicts in other types of cases in the past. Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys has two Criminal attorneys who practice criminal law in Minneapolis. Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys offers free consultations for individuals charged with crimes. A criminal attorney in Minneapolis will be able to help you with your case and evaluate the evidence. Call 952-913-1421 today to save your freedom, your job, and your reputation. Visit the firm’s website at to view more information on misdemeanor charges. Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys is located one block from the jail and from the Hennepin County Government Center.

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