St. Cloud Criminal Law Attorney Needed for Man Facing 18 Year Felony Sentence

Corey Becker pleaded guilty to attempted first–degree murder and to one count of kidnapping. He broke into a man’s house in St. Cloud. He then beat him and choked the victim. Becker had never been inside the man’s home before. Becker also did not know the victim. Becker stated that he did not remember the incident because he was drunk. He broke in around 3:30 a.m. and went into the man’s bedroom. He grabbed him by the throat and said, “you are the devil, and you need to die.” The man almost passed out from being choked. But was able to escape from his bathroom window. Becker also demanded sex from the man. The victim went to his neighbor’s house and was nude and badly beaten. Becker was found at another residence in the neighborhood. He said he did not know anything about the incident. The prosecutor is asking for an 18-year prison sentence. Becker’s sentencing is scheduled for January 22, 2015.

What happens at a sentencing hearing?

Becker will need a St. Cloud criminal law attorney to argue for a more lenient sentence at his sentencing hearing. A criminal law attorney in St. Cloud, MN will need to obtain a copy of the pre-sentence investigation report prior to the sentencing hearing. A pre-sentence investigation (PSI) report stems from a pre-sentence investigation (PSI). At a PSI, the defendant meets with a probation officer to discuss the crime, past criminal history, and family support. etc. The probation officer also looks at whether the defendant takes responsibility for the crime committed. The probation officer will then make a sentence recommendation, which is outlined in the report. Sentencing is the last court appearance in a criminal proceeding and is very important.

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What to Do If You Have Been Charged with a Criminal Offense

Involve a criminal appeal attorney soon after you learn the prosecution is appealing your sentence. Your attorney will walk you through the involving and confusing sentencing guidelines. An attorney's involvement will also help you develop a defense strategy for the appeal.