Stay of Adjudication for Client Charged With Domestic Assault

Lexie Stein of Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys’ client received a stay of adjudication for a disorderly conduct charge that stemmed from a domestic assault incident charge. The client was charged with misdemeanor domestic assault when a neighbor called the police after watching the client and his partner get into an altercation at his house. After the police arrived, the alleged victim said that she was pushed out of the home and suffered injuries. The client was then arrested and taken to the Dakota county jail. After an intensive investigation, Ms. Stein was able to attack the victim’s credibility.

The prosecutor agreed to dismiss the domestic assault charge and amend the charge to a disorderly conduct. The client was also offered a stay of adjudication on the amended disorderly conduct charge and served no additional jail time and was put on probation for one year. A stay of adjudication means that after the probationary period is over, the case will be dismissed. It means that while you are on probation it is deemed as a pending case and once the probationary period is over, the case will be dismissed. Typically, the conditions are to have no same or similar offenses and to remain law abiding during the probationary period. Other conditions may also be agreed upon depending on the case. A background check of your record will show the arrest but no conviction. An expungement after the dismissal, if granted, would seal the arrest records. A stay of adjudication is a very favorable result in any case, especially in a domestic assault or disorderly conduct case.

If you have been charged with domestic assault, it may become crucial to the case to hire a private investigator or investigate the alleged victim. There are also certain motions such as a Paradee motion that a criminal defense attorney can file in the case. A Paradee motion is an in-camera review of records that a defendant may request about the alleged victim such as medical records. A criminal defendant must show that there is a plausible showing that the records would be material and favorable to the defendant’s defense. If you have been charged with assault or domestic assault, contact the attorneys at Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys to see if a Paradee motion is relevant to help with your case.

Is important to hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you are arrested. Any statements can be used against you. Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys offers a free consultation. Max Keller and Lexie Stein are criminal defense lawyers in Minnesota and travel statewide to represent their clients. Call 951-913-1421 to talk to a criminal defense lawyer and for a free case evaluation. It is worth hiring an attorney to try and keep your criminal record clean and avoid a conviction on your record. A domestic assault or any criminal conviction may get in the way of future job opportunities. A stay of adjudication is a great outcome when trying to avoid a criminal conviction. Call Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys today!

He has won jury trial cases in misdemeanor and felony cases and in DWI’s and non-DWI’s. He is a member of the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice, which only allows the top 50 criminal defense attorneys in the state as members. He is a frequent speaker at CLE’s and is often asked for advice by other defense attorneys across Minnesota.

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