Theft By Swindle Charges For Former Mrs. America

Jennifer Kline, former Mrs. America was charged with theft my swindle in Hennepin County, Minnesota. The County attorney’s office state that she bought $5,790 on clothing on two separate days in November from Macy’s in Edina. She then went to the Macy’s at the Mall of America and returned items totaling $5,501. The complaint says that the police were notified and told that Kline switched tags and labels on the clothing she returned and the items were worn and visibly dirty. It is unknown where the clothes that she returned came from. Her home was later seized and police found 24 items that were bought from the Macy’s in Edina which she supposedly returned. Macy’s had refunded her American Express and gift card before they realized her returns were fraudulent. She is now facing one count of theft by swindle, which is a felony in Minnesota. The Maximum sentence for theft by swindle in Minnesota in 10 years of prison and/or $20,000. She had her first court appearance and was summoned to the court on April 12, 2016. Her omnibus hearing is currently scheduled on May 9, 2016. Kline will need an experienced felony defense lawyer to help fight the serious charges against her.

The Minnesota Theft By swindle statute states that: “by swindling, whether by artifice, trick, device, or any other means, obtains property or services from another person” commits theft. It may be possible to get your sentence stayed which means that if you successfully complete probation, you will not be sent to prison. It is also may be possible to get a stay of adjudication which means that your charge will be dismissed upon completion of successful probation. However, if you violate probation, your sentence at that point will be executed.  Do not be so quick to plead guilty to a felony and think about all the collateral consequences that accompanies a conviction. Hire an experienced Minnesota Felony Criminal Defense Attorney to try to keep a felony off your record and to avoid a prison sentence. Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys offers a free consultation and has been successful in getting felonies dismissed. Call (952) 913-1421 as soon possible if you have been charged with a felony in Minnesota. Please visit the firm’s website at

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What to Do If You Have Been Charged with a Criminal Offense

Knowing how to choose a criminal defense lawyer in Minneapolis, MN, can help you hire a lawyer who will prepare an effective defense strategy and fight for the best result from your case. One of the crucial tips when selecting a criminal defense lawyer is to vet those with relevant experience in cases like yours. You can only do this when you thoroughly understand the charges you are facing.
People anticipating an arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, might ask, “What is the role of a defense attorney during an arrest?” A skilled criminal defense attorney can explain your options, ensure the police follow the rules, and protect your rights. The attorney will build a solid defense, talk to the prosecutor, and fight for your best interests.
Knowing when to hire a criminal lawyer for your case in Minnesota can help protect your constitutional rights and turn the odds in your favor. You should retain a criminal lawyer immediately after learning you are under investigation, get arrested, or are charged with a crime. Seasoned criminal lawyers understand the criminal justice system, can build a winning defense strategy, and aggressively push for a positive outcome of your case.