Underage Drinking and Driving and Drunken Gummi Bears

The Star Tribune today updated an underage drinking story we recently blogged on.  Apparently, as we earlier reported, teenagers have been taking the classic candy Gummi Bears and soaking them in Vodka or other alcohol in order to get drunk surreptitiously or “under the radar.”  Many prosecutors and  police are now warning teachers and other to be on the lookout for kids getting drunk by eating vodka-infused Gummy Bears or other similar candy.  The State Health Department, Hennepin County Poison Control, the Dakota County Attorney’s (prosecutor’s) Office and others have all recently issued alerts.  Apparently beavers may be endangered also.

It is claimed that people may be putting alcohol-soaked tampons into their vaginas, or anuses, though there is no substantiation for this.  Forbes magazine and others point out the practical difficulties with such creative ways of getting drunk or high, YET they acknowledge that prohibition will never work.  Snopes also reports that these rumors have been floating around the internet for 12 years or more, but have never been substantiated.

Nevertheless, teens will continue to experiment with alcohol and drugs, including committing underage drinking and driving and underage DWI, including violating Minnesota’s Vanessa’s Law.  If charged with a crime, contact an experienced Minnesota alcohol and drugs defense attorney ASAP.  Also, if you feel you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, no matter what your age, do not be afraid to contact a trusted friend, relative, teacher, spiritual advisor, etc. for guidance.  Alcohol and drugs should not ruin your life.

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