USA Swimming defends itself against allegations of sexual cover-up

Residents of Wayzata were likely watching Olympic swimming this summer as Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and other members of the American swim team took to the pool. These members of USA Swimming were just a few of the thousands of athletes who work tirelessly under the direction of their coaches. Now, people in Wayzata may have heard that USA Swimming and prominent coaches are defending themselves about sexual misconduct.

It does not appear that any criminal charges have yet been filed in the alleged incident, but it is possible that all of this attention may force prosecutors to treat the situation as a criminal complaint. A swimming coach that had been previously fired by the former national coach is alleging that the national coach knew of sexual misconduct within the organization and that he and USA Swimming had an agreement to cover up the scandal.

It appears that the coach who was fired was actively trying to keep children away from a coach that she believed had been accused of sexual abuse and had made it quite clear that she did not want him working in the swim club. She took these actions despite the fact that USA Swimming had not completed an investigation into the sexual abuse claims.

The fired coach has subsequently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the former national coach and is being represented by the same attorney that previously represented a woman who sued yet another coach for sexual misconduct. This connection has raised some eyebrows, calling into question the veracity of the terminated coach’s allegations.

As this situation unfolds, careers and reputations may be ruined by an allegation of sexual misconduct.

Source: CBS News, “USA Swimming: No deal with ex-coach Mark Schubert to cover up claims of sexual misconduct,” Sept. 19, 2012

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