Young man convicted of second-degree murder in Minneapolis

To be charged with and convicted of murder is extremely serious. For anyone in Minneapolis who has been accused of committing murder or is a suspect in a murder investigation, it is of the utmost importance to contact and work with a criminal defense lawyer to stand a chance of proving his or her innocence. Not taking the charge seriously could easily result in a conviction and a long prison sentence.

Some people, often those who are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system or the young, may despair at such a criminal charge. For some, they may believe that by pleading guilty they can escape some of the harshest penalties and are unwilling to take a risk in front of a jury. While the decision to plead guilty is very personal and can only be made by the individual suspect or defendant, a criminal defense attorney can provide considerable insight into what a guilty plea entails and the rights that the individual is giving up by admitting his or her involvement in the crime.

A young Minneapolis man was recently convicted of second-degree murder in the death of another Minnesota man this past June. The men were on 26th Avenue in the Hawthorne neighborhood when the 20 year old apparently shot the other man. He had first asked if the man and his friends had any marijuana before the gun went off, killing him. It is still unclear if the 20 year old consciously shot him or if the gun went off, killing the man.

There is little information about why the young man chose to plead guilty, but he entered his plea earlier this month. He will be sentenced in early February, but prosecutors are already asking for a harsh penalty: more than 27 years in prison.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Man, 20, Pleads Guilty To June 12 Minneapolis Murder,” Jan. 8, 2013

Youth and ignorance of the law may lead some people in Minneapolis to plead guilty to violent crimes when it is best to talk to a criminal defense lawyer. We have worked with many people who have been charged with serious, violent felonies and you can find out more by visiting our website.

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What to Do If You Have Been Charged with a Criminal Offense

One of the questions people facing a criminal charge ask is: How long does a criminal case take? The timeline of your criminal case in Minnesota will depend on the nature and severity of the alleged crime, the speed of the criminal justice system, the duration of the trial, and whether an appeal will be necessary. Delays at any stage of the criminal justice process may impact how long your criminal case will last. Generally, however, misdemeanor cases may resolve within weeks or months, while felony cases may linger in courts for up to a year.
People accused, arrested, or charged with a crime often ask, “How much does a criminal defense lawyer cost in Minneapolis, MN?” It is difficult to accurately determine how much a criminal defense lawyer will cost. The reason is that numerous factors impact the cost of legal representation in criminal matters. These factors include the type and severity of criminal charges, the lawyer’s experience and reputation, required time and effort, and geographical location.
Social media can have legal implications, particularly when it comes to criminal cases. Since its advent, social media has become a powerful tool for communication and self-expression. As of 2023, an estimated 4.9 billion people worldwide use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to share thoughts, experiences, and moments from their lives. However, in this digital age, social media activity can be used as evidence in criminal cases in Minneapolis and elsewhere.