Child Neglect Charges For Man Who Left Children Starving

Michael Gunderson was charged with felony child neglect and Felony drug Possession in Sherburne County. His children were found by their mother who took them to the hospital. His children are two and three years old and are currently being hospitalized for malnourishment. Their mother came home from being out of town for work for two months and found the kins in their crib looking weak and thin. The mother saw one of the children eating feces and saw dog feces and garbage throughout the home. The children are both currently still being hospitalized and were given fluid by an IV. They both had sores on their bodies and were diagnosed as being malnourished due to starvation. Gunderson made a statement once he was taken into police custody. He admitted that he noticed that his kids had not been eating much and that they had lost weight. Police found marijuana in the home along with other drug-related items. Police also noted that the home was littered with garbage and was filthy. Gunderson has prior drug possession and assault charges.

Under Minnesota statute 609.378, child neglect is defined as “a parent, legal guardian, or caretaker who willfully deprives a child of necessary food, clothing, shelter, health care, or supervision appropriate to the child’s age, when the parent, guardian, or caretaker is reasonably able to make the necessary provisions and the deprivation harms or is likely to substantially harm the child’s physical, mental, or emotional health.” Gunderson will need a Sherburne county criminal defense lawyer to help him fight the child neglect charges against him. Because he is facing felony child neglect charges, he is facing a penalty of up to five years in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000.

If you are charged with child neglect, do not wait to hire an attorney. Contact an attorney as soon as you have been arrested and do not make any incriminating statements. Once in police custody, state that you are invoking your right to silence and that you want an attorney. The police will then have to cease questioning. Do not talk to others about the charges as those statements can be harming to your case. Contact a Sherburne county criminal defense lawyer if you have been charged with a crime. Gunderson should have remained silent and he should not have conceded that he noticed that his children looked thin. Any statements that Gunderson made to the police could be used against him in court proceedings. It is best to wait to discuss the facts in your case before agreeing to talk with police or investigators.

Gunderson will need a Sherburne county criminal defense lawyer to fight for him. Child neglect charges in Minnesota are very serious. He is facing significant jail time and has already made incriminated statements. A criminal defense lawyer will be needed in this case. Contact Max Keller, a well-respected Sherburne county criminal defense lawyer. Max Keller offers free consultations for all individuals charged with a crime. Call a defense attorney to ensure you do not make statements to investigators before discussing your options with an attorney. Do not make the same mistake as Gunderson did and call Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys today. Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys also offers payment plans in most cases. Please visit our website at and call 952-913-1421 for your free consultation.

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