Drug Courts Can Set You Free, Or At least Keep You Out of Jail

The use of specialized Drug Courts is spreading across the country and the state of Minnesota.  Drug courts lower costs for incarceration, potentially lowering taxes for all citizens.  In addition, intensive supervision and drug treatment handed out as sentences in drug courts in lieu of lengthy jail time saves money by, among other things, reducing the chances that a Minnesota drug crime defendant will be re-arrested.  For more information, see Drug Courts.  Not all Minnesota drug crime defendants will receive a better deal or a better outcome by going to drug court.  You need an experienced attorney to guide you through the process and help you decide whether to enter drug court.  For more information, visit Keller Law Offices or call 952-913-1421.

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What to Do If You Have Been Charged with a Criminal Offense

Involve a criminal appeal attorney soon after you learn the prosecution is appealing your sentence. Your attorney will walk you through the involving and confusing sentencing guidelines. An attorney's involvement will also help you develop a defense strategy for the appeal.