Guilty of Child Pornography: Ex-Vikings’ Coach Denny Green’s Son

Jeremy Dennis Green, the son of former Vikings football coach Dennis Green, pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography and other charges on December 6, 2011, proving that people from many walks of life have been recently busted for possession of child pornography, distribution of child porn., or production of child sex images.  Green, who had been an NFL scout for many years, and a ESPN football analyst, pleaded guilty to charges in Missouri, but also faces similar charges in Connecticut, where ESPN is based.

Green, aged 40, is the son of Dennis Green, who coached the Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals.  Jeremy Green apparently had several children and a wife.  His show on ESPN, a Podcast called Football Today, was cancelled when these child sexual misconduct allegations first came to light last year in 2010.   According to news reports Green will serve at least 6 years in prison in Missouri where he plead guilty to child porn. charges, but also may have to serve time in Connecticut, where he was charged with similar misconduct.  As with all such cases, Green will have to register as a sexual predator, for a time period determined by state law (often ten years to life!).   Thus, as a registered sex offender, he will have a VERY hard time ever finding a job again.  Penalties for possession, production of distribution of child porn can range from 90 to 365 days in Jail to several years in Prison, depending on the facts of each case.  If charged in federal court, the normal penalty can be 10 to 20 years, with a 10 year minimum for distribution of child pornography.

The fact is, there are law enforcement officers trolling the Internet 24/7 looking for computers offering to distribute child porn. images though P2P or peer to peer Networks or file servers or websites.  If YOU have been charged with Possession, Production, or Distribution of Child Porn., YOU need an experienced Minnesota Internet Sex Crimes Attorney on your side ASAP.   We have helped many people in this situation stay Out of Prison and keep their jobs.  Call 952-466-6926 for help now!

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