Nursing Professional Licensing Standards

Recently, Governor Dayton signed a new law changing or tightening the standards for licensing nurses by the Minnesota Nursing Board.  The legislation was spurred by complaints that the Nursing Board has been too lax in dealing with nurses who, for example, had been accused to being addicted to drugs, stealing drugs, convicted of felonies, or lying about past criminal convictions.  Members of the Nursing Board serve for four-year terms, and the Governor appoints the members of the Board.  Recently, the terms of four members expired and Governor Mark Dayton appointed four new members to try to get the Board to act more “strictly” against nurses.

These legislative enactments highlight the importance of Professional Licensing.  Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys has represented professionals in various criminal cases, including doctors, lawyers, nurses, physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, etc.  Max A. Keller and Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys has also represented doctors, nurses, insurance agents, etc. in Professional Licensing actions before the Board of Nursing, the Board of Physical Therapy, the Department of Commerce (which licenses insurance agents), etc.  Many professionals find that the threat to their professional license is more important than anything that could happen to them in a criminal case, etc.  If you are a professional facing professional licensing action, contact an experienced Minnesota Professional Licensing Attorney right away.

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What to Do If You Have Been Charged with a Criminal Offense

Minnesota recently passed a public safety bill that brings sweeping changes to the state’s juvenile justice system. While minors sometimes run afoul of the law, the juvenile justice system seeks to account for the differences between children and adults. Therefore, while the penalties for adults convicted of crimes focus on punishment, those for juveniles are aimed at diversion and restorative practices.
If a county medical examiner’s work is called into question in one case, it can affect all those they were a part of. An independent review is underway of murder cases involving the testimony of the long-time medical examiner in Ramsey County, Minnesota. The review comes in response to a wrongful murder conviction that was recently vacated on the basis that the medical examiner gave flawed medical testimony.
You might ask how plea bargains work if you are considering settling your criminal case by skipping the trial phase. A plea bargain in Minneapolis, MN, happens when a criminal defendant agrees to plead guilty or no contest instead of having the prosecution prove his or her guilt at trial. The prosecution agrees to reduce the charges, recommend less harsh penalties, or drop the charges altogether in exchange for a guilty plea.