Man's hand holding a woman hand for rape and sexual abuse concept, Wound domestic violence rape, concept photo of sexual assault,

Child Molestation charges againt actor Stephen Collins

Allegations of child molestation came to light for actor Stephen Collins. He admitted to molesting a minor and sexual misconduct with three girls. He claimed he has “exhibitionist urges” and “boundary issues.” In 1973 he was 25 and the girl was ten when he took her hand and put it on himself. He also admitted to exposing himself to two teenage girls in the 80’s and 90’s. The girls were 12 and 13 years old. He is currently being investigated by the police on child molestation charges. Collins claims he is not sexually attracted to children or young boys. He is currently seeking treatment and is in the middle of a divorce. His TV show is no longer playing on television and his role in the film Ted 2 has been cut.

Man's hand holding a woman hand for rape and sexual abuse concept, Wound domestic violence rape, concept photo of sexual assault,

A recording leaked where Collins admitted to the misconduct. The statute of limitations will bar Collins from being arrested and charged with child molestation. In Minnesota the statute of limitations under Minn. Stat. 628.26 for criminal sexual conduct in 1st degree, 2nd degree, 3rd degree, or 4th degree where victim was under 18 is within 9 years after the offense or 3 years after the offense is reported to law enforcement authorities, whichever is later. The statute of limitations means that if an individual is not charged within the time period outlined in the statute, the person will not be charged.

Child Molestation Defense Lawyer Max Keller

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What to Do If You Have Been Charged with a Criminal Offense

Getting falsely accused of domestic violence in Minnesota may put you at risk of losing your job, custody of your children, or even your home. You may face criminal charges and the accusation may damage your reputation in the community, as people will now view you as an abuser. False domestic violence accusations often happen when couples are in a contentious relationship with a risk of divorce.
The top reasons for license suspension in Minnesota include driving under the influence of alcohol, repeated traffic violations, and failure to appear in court or pay fines. Failure to pay child support, criminal convictions and felonies, medical conditions/disabilities, and drag racing can also lead to license suspension. The suspension takes away your driving privileges, preventing you from driving legally.
Motorists arrested for allegedly driving while impaired might wonder, “Can you refuse a breathalyzer?” In Minnesota, the implied consent law requires a person licensed to drive, control, or operate a vehicle to agree to a chemical test to check for alcohol or other intoxicants in that person’s body. Refusing to submit to a breathalyzer or another chemical test is a crime, often charged as a gross misdemeanor.