If you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, you want an experienced and aggressive lawyer to protect your rights. The criminal justice system can be intimidating and confusing, with its own language and unique set of rules. You want a lawyer who understands the law and process, one who can anticipate the strategies employed by prosecutors and law enforcement officials.
A man who was sentenced to serve 43 years in prison and at one time faced the death penalty for the 1998 killing and sexual assault of his girlfriend’s daughter has been released due to previously undisclosed investigative information. Blood evidence or rather the lack of blood evidence based on a recently released lab report has freed a man who served 12 years in prison for a sex crime and murder he likely did not commit.
As a trader who felt he had a responsibility to the investment community and beyond, Ty Schlobohm, helped bring down a $190 million Ponzi scheme based in Minneapolis. The white collar crime operation headed by Trevor Cook weaved its way through Europe by placing trades through a bankrupt Swiss firm. Ty Schlobohm decided to tell the public about his role in the investigation to encourage other finance professionals to report violations.
While children should continue to follow the modern adage of not taking candy from a stranger, a recent study shows that the concern over the supposed rise in sex crimes committed against children near Halloween is misplaced. Despite the statistical information, some states are still taking extra precautions by prohibiting sex offenders to participate in Halloween activities.
The lawsuits that stem from one of Minnesota’s largest white collar crime cases are not done flying. The fallout from Tom Petter’s Ponzi scheme and fraud will continue to play out in bankruptcy proceedings where the case’s bankruptcy trustee is trying to “clawback” invested money from those who should have known about the fraudulent ways of Tom Petters’ business practices. Two hundred and one clawback cases have been filed in the Petters’ bankruptcy case. The lawsuits seek $17 billion from former employees, business partners and philanthropic groups that received bonuses, earnings or charitable donations from Petters.
Generally, the charge of DUI or driving under the influence means the accused is suspected of driving while under the influence of a foreign substance; the foreign substance can be alcohol or another drug. The amount of DUI cases involving prescription drugs has increased as the use of illegal prescription drug has rose. Since many states do not require medical tests to demonstrate the amount of drugs in a person’s body at the time of arrest, proving impairment can be difficult.