Category: Child Abuse or Child Neglect or Child Endangerment

In August of this year, law enforcement went to a Minnesota home and found four special-needs children living in an unkempt home. According to the Star Tribune, the children’s father, who is a registered sex offender, possessed child pornography. Law enforcement had conducted a search and found the material had been downloaded onto at least one of the home’s four computers.
A cult leader in Minnesota came under fire earlier this year when he was accused of abusing two girls in the community. According to Fox Twin Cities, the pastor fled the state but has been charged with 59 counts of sexual misconduct, including child molestation. The women accusing him of the behavior said that when they were 12 and 13 years old, they moved in with him and a number of other girls. They claim they were abused for a period of 10 years. A criminal defense attorney Minneapolis defendants can trust will be an essential part of this man’s case.
Sina Julie Yim was charged with endangerment of a child and two counts of second degree driving while impaired in Apple Valley, MN. She was pulled over with her six-year-old son in her vehicle in Dakota County. The Lakeville police saw her swerving and following other cars too closely. Yim smelled like alcohol and admitted to drinking prior to driving. The police conducted sobriety tests. They also gave Yim a preliminary breath test (“PBT). The PBT showed a purported value of .27. The legal limit to drive in Minnesota is .08. Yim was taken into custody and the child’s father came to pick him up. Yim may face up to three years in jail and/or a $9000 fine. Yim will need a criminal lawyer in Minnesota to help her with her case.
Robert Minor plead guilty to stalking at a bench trial. He secretly taped a boy in a locker room. The incident occurred at the YMCA in Andover, MN in Anoka County in 2013. Minor was charged with eight counts of criminal sexual conduct, peeping, invasion of privacy, etc. He used his watch as a camera and recorded a 12-year-old boy undress. The boy told his father w
Alexander Rupp was just charged with child neglect in St. Paul, MN. Child neglect is a gross misdemeanor in Minnesota and carries up to one year in jail and or a $3,000 fine. Rupp left his 3-year-old daughter inside his car in August 2014.  The temperate on the day in question was about 74 degrees.  Mendota Heights police found the child locked inside the car. She was sweating and wiping her forehead. The officer smashed the window to the car to unlock the door. Once making contact with the child, the officer noticed that the child had warm skin.  Rupp told police that when he arrived and parked, he got into an argument with his daughter so he decided to leave her in the vehicle. He admitted that he shouldn’t have brought her and that he should have left the car running.
Minnesota Vikings NFL star running back Adrian Peterson pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of reckless assault. Peterson will avoid jail time and pay a $4,000 fine and court costs. He will also have to do 80 hours of community service. Peterson will also be on probation. If he successfully completes probation, he will avoid having this on his record. He was originally charged with felony reckless or negligent injury to a child for hitting his son with a wooden tree branch.
Adrian Peterson admitted that he smoked marijuana before taking a drug test last week.  He told the courthouse employee that he “smoked a little weed” prior to giving his urine sample. One of his conditions of release was to refrain from using illegal drugs. He posted a $15,000 bond in his felony child abuse case in Texas. The prosecutor is now trying to get his bail revoked and increased because Peterson violated his conditions of release. This would mean that he would be arrested again. Peterson’s conditions of release are broad and have no direct link to the facts of the case he was charged with.