Diabetes May Cause False Drunk Driving Charges

While breathalyzers are considered to be reliable tests for blood alcohol levels, they may return false positive results for people who have diabetes. Diabetics may be falsely charged with drunk driving charges because breathalyzers mistake acetone on their breath with ethylene glycol. Police officers may also believe that drivers who are showing the symptoms of low blood sugar are intoxicated when they are actually having medical emergencies. A Minneapolis DWI attorney recommends that diabetic … [Read more...]

Domestic Assault Charges And Possible Outcomes

Domestic Assault charges are one of the most common cases that defendants get charged with when when they have no prior criminal history. Typically, first time defendants have an argument with their spouse or partner and one of the parties or a neighbor calls the police. The police will take a statement from both parties and one of the parties almost always gets arrested and put in jail for a few days until their bail hearing. The city prosecutor where the offense occurred will decide whether to … [Read more...]

Dismissal Of Domestic Assault Charge For Keller Law Offices Client

Max Keller was successful in getting a domestic assault charge dismissed in Ramsey County. The client was charged with misdemeanor domestic assault after an altercation at his house with his partner. After the police arrived, the alleged victim said that she was hit by the client. The client was then arrested and taken to the Ramsey county jail. After multiple court appearances, the St. Paul City attorney's office dismissed the charges on the day of trial. If you have been charged with … [Read more...]

The Effects of Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is defined as having more than 5 drinks for men, or 4 drinks for women, in a time span of less than 2 hours. When an individual consumes more alcohol than the body's ability to metabolize, it can have a significant and prolonged impact on their ability to operate a motor vehicle. Binge Drinking in America It is estimated that one in six American adults binge drinks four times per month. During these sessions, individuals consume an average of eight alcoholic drinks. Adults … [Read more...]

Drug Reform Act Brings Changes To Sentencing Laws

The 2016 Drug Reform Act revised drug sentencing laws in Minnesota, which can affect anyone charged with drug crimes. State drug laws were overhauled, and provisions were made to help addicts seek treatment. Addiction is becoming endemic in the United States. A drug lawyer Minneapolis can answer questions about the changes. New Drug Sentencing Laws Effective August 1, 2016 Overall, the new laws seek to punish drug dealers and help drug addicts seek treatment, rather than locking everyone up. … [Read more...]

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