The Effects of Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is defined as having more than 5 drinks for men, or 4 drinks for women, in a time span of less than 2 hours. When an individual consumes more alcohol than the body's ability to metabolize, it can have a significant and prolonged impact on their ability to operate a motor vehicle. Binge Drinking in America It is estimated that one in six American adults binge drinks four times per month. During these sessions, individuals consume an average of eight alcoholic drinks. Adults … [Read more...]

Drug Reform Act Brings Changes To Sentencing Laws

The 2016 Drug Reform Act revised drug sentencing laws in Minnesota, which can affect anyone charged with drug crimes. State drug laws were overhauled, and provisions were made to help addicts seek treatment. Addiction is becoming endemic in the United States. A drug lawyer Minneapolis can answer questions about the changes. New Drug Sentencing Laws Effective August 1, 2016 Overall, the new laws seek to punish drug dealers and help drug addicts seek treatment, rather than locking everyone up. … [Read more...]

When Teen-agers Are Charged With Statutory Rape

When individuals engage in sexual activity with children who are under the age of consent, they can be convicted of statutory rape. In Minnesota, the age of consent for sexual activity is in most cases is 16. Many adolescents who have participated in sexual activity have been charged and convicted of a sexual offense and faced punishments as severe as adult sex offenders might. The Penalties of Statutory Rape A statutory rape conviction can be life changing for a teenager in Minnesota. This … [Read more...]

Prison Time Avoided For Keller Law Offices Client

Lexie Stein of Keller Law Offices received a dispositional departure for her client charged with 2nd degree possession of a control substance in Washington county, Minnesota. Ms. Stein’s client was facing a 48-month presumptive commitment to prison. The county attorney in the case refused to offer anything lower than the 48-month prison sentence. Ms. Stein then entered into a straight plea for her client and argued for a dispositional departure at the time of sentencing. A straight plea means … [Read more...]

Synthetic Drug Use Nothing to Take Lightly

Synthetic drugs, also known as designer drugs, are chemically created and designed to mimic the effects of other well-known substances. Since they are typically created in clandestine labs, however, and the manufacturing processes and ingredient are not regulated, they can be some of the most dangerous drugs in the world. Despite the fact that many of these drugs can cause psychotic episodes, paranoia, aggression, and even suicidal or homicidal tendencies, synthetic drug use is increasing. … [Read more...]

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