The story of Denny Hecker’s white collar crime case has finally come to end. The former owner of a local auto empire was sentenced to a prison term of 10 years for two counts of fraud and one count of conspiracy on Friday. Hecker was given the maximum sentence and was also ordered to repay $31.36 million to victims. It is expected that Hecker will serve his prison time in Minnesota, but the final decision of where he will serve his prison term will be left to the United States Bureau of Prisons.
For every criminal case the prosecution and the criminal defense must use the available evidence to demonstrate their case. These days some prosecutors believe that a certain crime show may be making their job more difficult, CSI. Some prosecutors think that the crime show CSI has created a new expectation among jury members. The new expectation is that tests that use high technology should be used to convict defendants. The new trend is referred to as the CSI Effect.
Synthetic drugs referred to as “bath salts” have recently come under fire as a detriment to human health, and the White House Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske provided a warning against using them on Tuesday. Though plans to make the drug illegal were not announced, Senator Charles Schumer has created a bill that would put the drugs on the federal list of controlled substances and turn them into a drug crime.
A Vietnamese internet crime ring under investigation for a number of white collar crimes including fraud, money laundering and identity theft may have a connection to Minnesota. The federal investigation is being conducted by the United States Department of Homeland Security and is called “Operation eMule.” The crime ring uses hundreds of stolen identities to swindle thousands of dollars from online retailers. Two 22-year-old college students from Winona State University have been linked to the ring by investigators.
While Vikings cornerback Benny Sapp may be a growing figure in Minnesota sports, he is also a parent. Like many Minneapolis parents, there is nothing more frightening that knowing your child is in the hospital. Having a child with a serious enough illness or medical condition to require hospitalization puts most parents on edge. Whether this means they have a short fuse, are not acting with their normal judgment or are somewhat confrontational, no one should understand this better than hospital staff.
Five undergraduate students from Columbia University in New York City were arrested in December as a part of one of the largest drug arrests at an institution of higher learning in the city. Each of the five students were arrested for drug crimes related to the sale of drugs such as LSD, marijuana, cocaine, prescription stimulants and ecstasy. The cases of the five students will be closely scrutinized because the circumstances of the arrests present a chance for the application of New York’s reformed drug laws.
The number of young offenders who face prosecution and need criminal defense in Hennepin County is on the decline because of the county’s alternative community program. The Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative is responsible for decreasing the number of juvenile offenders in the Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center (Juvenile Detention Center) by half in comparison to 2006.