While Vikings cornerback Benny Sapp may be a growing figure in Minnesota sports, he is also a parent. Like many Minneapolis parents, there is nothing more frightening that knowing your child is in the hospital. Having a child with a serious enough illness or medical condition to require hospitalization puts most parents on edge. Whether this means they have a short fuse, are not acting with their normal judgment or are somewhat confrontational, no one should understand this better than hospital staff.
Five undergraduate students from Columbia University in New York City were arrested in December as a part of one of the largest drug arrests at an institution of higher learning in the city. Each of the five students were arrested for drug crimes related to the sale of drugs such as LSD, marijuana, cocaine, prescription stimulants and ecstasy. The cases of the five students will be closely scrutinized because the circumstances of the arrests present a chance for the application of New York’s reformed drug laws.
The number of young offenders who face prosecution and need criminal defense in Hennepin County is on the decline because of the county’s alternative community program. The Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative is responsible for decreasing the number of juvenile offenders in the Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center (Juvenile Detention Center) by half in comparison to 2006.
The sentences for the Denny Hecker white collar crime case will be issued next month by a federal judge. Hecker used to be the owner of an auto empire in the Minneapolis metropolitan area until it was discovered that he was defrauding his creditors. Denny Hecker and two other co-defendants have been indicted on charges of fraud that bilked Chrysler Financial out of $80 million. Hecker pled guilty to two charges of fraud last year and faces up to 10 years in federal prison.
A city famously known for its surfing may try to tackle the city’s infamous issue of DUI fatalities by publically shaming those convicted of drinking and driving on Facebook. A councilman in the city of Huntington Beach, California has proposed publically posting the mug shots of individuals who have been arrested for DUI more than once. While the proposal is novel, it has been met with privacy concerns and concerns by the city’s police department that it may disaffect city residents.
On Friday January 14, 2011, criminal defense trial attorney Max A. Keller of Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys won a jury trial victory in Hennepin County. The jury returned a not guilty verdict on the sole count of the complaint in a Violation of an Order for Protection (Violating an OFP) case. The Hennepin County Jury Trial involved forensic computer evidence, cell phone records, alibi witnesses, and impeachment of the key witness for both sides by transcripts of prior testimony under oath.
Over the last few years customers of local pharmacies have had to obtain cold medicine by taking a slip of paper stocked in the medicine aisle to a pharmacist where the over-the-counter drug would be tracked via an electronic tracking system. The purpose of the electronic system was to monitor the buyer’s legal limit of pseudoephedrine, a cold medicine used to make methamphetamine, and to reduce the number of drug crimes associated with the creation of meth.