Sex offenders in Florida who have completed their prison terms often find themselves stuck in a legal limbo as they wait for the court system to determine whether they need additional civil treatment to control their culpable behavior. Court officials and civil rights advocates not only believe that individuals who have served their time for a sex crime may end up serving time beyond what was sentenced, their constitutional rights are also being threatened by the process.
The National Transportation Safety Board is making hard-core drunk driving one its top priorities. Hard-core drunk drivers are drivers who get on the road with a blood alcohol content of 0.15 percent or higher, or offenders who have been arrested multiple times for DUI or drunken driving within the last 10 years. As a part of its efforts, the National Transportation Safety Board is lobbying states to adopt its 11 point safety program to reduce the risk of hard-core drunk drivers on the road.
According to a new study released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more drivers are driving while under the influence of drugs both illegal and legal. Officials say the release of the information is meant to publicize the issue and get citizens to start thinking about driving under the influence of drugs.
Last Wednesday the Drug Enforcement Administration banned fake marijuana products that chemically imitate the effects of marijuana use. The Drug Enforcement Administration used its emergency powers to ban the products, and the ban has made it illegal to possess the products. The ban has also made it illegal to sell the combination of five chemicals used to create imitation marijuana.
In our last post we discussed the indictment and arrest of individuals involved in a human trafficking and underage prostitution ring based in Minneapolis that stretched to Tennessee and Ohio. In this post, we will discuss the additional financial crime charges that authorities are investigating and the how the sex crime charges led to the financial crime investigation of the Minneapolis based Somali gangs.
Last Monday morning an indictment for 29 Somali men and woman involved in sex trafficking operations in Minneapolis, Nashville and Columbus, Ohio was made public. Twelve individuals in the Twin Cities area were arrested for their involvement in the prostitution ring that trafficked underage prostitutes. The gangs involved in the human trafficking ring are not only being investigated for sex crimes. The gangs are also being investigated for financial crimes as well.
In our last post, we talked about the recent legal proceedings related to the arrests of four college football players involved in the investigation of the Pace University student and football player who was fatally shot by police. In this post, we will discuss the opposing stories of what happened on the night of October 17.
Four teammates of the Pace University student and football player who was fatally shot by police on October 17 want an immediate dismissal of their charges. In this post, we will talk about the recent court proceedings related to the investigation. In our next post, we will talk about the conflicting stories of the teammates who say they tried to help their friend and the police who charged the teammates with obstruction of justice and interfering with their friend’s medical aid.