Lawmakers in Minnesota are reviewing a proposed law that would treat children trafficked for sex as victims instead of criminal offenders. The purpose of the bill is to help children caught up in the illicit sex trade get out and find treatment and safety. Currently, some cities in Minnesota already treat children involved in sex crimes as victims. The proposed law would bring uniformity to municipalities across the state.
Police are probably used to bystanders who watch them as they perform their duty, but the widespread use of cell phones with video-recorders is changing the observation game. More and more people are using the video-recording technology of their phone to capture police on duty, but some folks who thought they were passively making a video end up being put in police custody for the creation of the video.
The owners of a Minnesota home health care business based in Brooklyn Park were charged with multiple counts of theft last Wednesday. The criminal complaint alleges the two owners of the business, who are sisters, fraudulently billed the state of Minnesota almost $400,000 for personal care services that were never provided. The industry of personal health care services has rapidly expanded over the last few years and the Office of Minnesota Attorney General has been tasked with fighting fraud cases that come from the industry.
A Nevada judge has ruled that a woman held in prison for 17 years after being falsely convicted of murder should be freed now that she has been exonerated. Utah recently passed a law in 2008 allowing for people to prove they are factually innocent of a crime for which they have been wrongfully convicted. The law allows an unspecified amount of restitution to people who have been wrongfully convicted, imprisoned for years, and then exonerated or proven to be innocent.
According to a new study offenders who have committed drug crimes and have gone through a drug treatment court are not as likely to reoffend as those who participate in adjudication processes that lack addiction treatment. Criminal sentences that do not address addiction are more expensive because they do not address the underlying issue according to one doctor who reviewed the study.
A recent study by the U.S. Justice Department’s Inspector General has concluded that many FBI agents lack expertise to investigate Cyber Crime cases they are assigned to. In addition, the FBI failed to share national security information or intelligence with other agencies as it was supposed to, even with agencies that shared information with the FBI, including on Cyber Crimes such as hacking into government computers or foreign companies stealing trade secrets from U.s. companies by hacking.
For one demographic in Hennepin County, the need for criminal defense has decreased thanks to police patrols and community coaches. Juvenile crime in Minneapolis and Hennepin County has decreased by 40 percent over the last five years and community coaches have played a major role in the decline.