Category: Drug Crimes

Five undergraduate students from Columbia University in New York City were arrested in December as a part of one of the largest drug arrests at an institution of higher learning in the city. Each of the five students were arrested for drug crimes related to the sale of drugs such as LSD, marijuana, cocaine, prescription stimulants and ecstasy. The cases of the five students will be closely scrutinized because the circumstances of the arrests present a chance for the application of New York’s reformed drug laws.
Over the last few years customers of local pharmacies have had to obtain cold medicine by taking a slip of paper stocked in the medicine aisle to a pharmacist where the over-the-counter drug would be tracked via an electronic tracking system. The purpose of the electronic system was to monitor the buyer’s legal limit of pseudoephedrine, a cold medicine used to make methamphetamine, and to reduce the number of drug crimes associated with the creation of meth.
The use of specialized Drug Courts is spreading across the country and the state of Minnesota. Drug courts lower costs for incarceration, potentially lowering taxes for all citizens. In addition, intensive supervision and drug treatment handed out as sentences in drug courts in lieu of lengthy jail time saves money by, among other things, reducing the chances that a Minnesota drug crime defendant will be re-arrested.
According to a new study released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more drivers are driving while under the influence of drugs both illegal and legal. Officials say the release of the information is meant to publicize the issue and get citizens to start thinking about driving under the influence of drugs.
Last Wednesday the Drug Enforcement Administration banned fake marijuana products that chemically imitate the effects of marijuana use. The Drug Enforcement Administration used its emergency powers to ban the products, and the ban has made it illegal to possess the products. The ban has also made it illegal to sell the combination of five chemicals used to create imitation marijuana.