Category: Drug Crimes

There are many controversial aspects of civil forfeiture in Minnesota. In addition to padding the budgets of law enforcement agencies and prosecuting attorneys, asset seizure may impose unfair penalties beyond sentencing for criminal behavior.
Counterfeit pain pills are causing overdose deaths for unsuspecting victims and criminal charges for perpetrators who sell or distribute illegal drugs.
The war on drugs and the opioid epidemic in America has prompted President Trump to crack down on drug dealers and traffickers with harsher penalties, including the death penalty.
Under Civil Asset Forfeiture laws, the DEA can seize assets from people suspected of engaging in drug dealing or organized crime, even if no charges are filed.
Current drug laws impose harsh sentences for drug crimes, even in cases with minor offenses. Reforms are needed that make sentences for drug crimes equal to the severity of the offense.
There is a growing concern with law enforcement and health officials about the use of electronic cigarettes to smoke illegal drugs.